I believe that our mission is to deliver you happiness.

I believe that our mission is to deliver you happiness. In order to provide optimal medical care for patients who need assisted reproductive technology (ART), it is important for them to improve their potential of pregnancy as caring a balance between the mind and the body, not only to mention the latest medical care environment. Therefore, we adopted a new attempt called “integrative medicine” combining Western medicine and Traditional oriental medicine therapy. In addition, we understand that getting fertility treatment could be stressful, so we welcome you with warm heart and promise you to provide our specialized knowledge and advanced medical technology for the treatment to reduce your stress as much as possible.

Hiroaki YOSHIDA, M.D., ph. D.
C.E.O. of Sendai ART Clinic

Concept of Medical Treatment

First of all, let us enhance your potential of pregnancy with the integrative medicine.

We provide customized fertility treatment that is the most suitable for each of you with integrative medicine combining the properties of Western medicine and traditional medicine (alternative therapy.)

Main Concept

The Latest Fertility Treatment with the Integrative Medicine

By unifying the patient’s own pregnancy potential and the state-of-the-assisted reproductive therapy (ART), awake natural healing power and take balance the mind and body. Thus we can provide each patient customized treatment.

For making better choices and opportunities;

  • Clinical psychotherapy counseling
  • Low Reaction Level Laser Therapy
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Supplements
  • Seminars such as meal instruction
  • Y’s Café as a group counselling session


Infertility Treatment for Male

Our doctors specialized in male infertility provide the treatment and operations as well.


Infertility Treatment corresponding to Various Diseases

We firmly face to various diseases and provide precise treatments while preserving the potential of pregnancy. These treatments include; ovum/sperm cryopreservation for younger patients with cancer, in vitro maturation (IVM) for polycystic ovary syndrome and falloposcopic tuboplasy (FT) for tubal factor.


Cooperation with World-class Advanced Medical Treatment

We contribute our knowledge to improve world-class ART quality in cooperation with medical institutes and research institutes located inside/ outside of Miyagi prefecture, such as Tohoku University.

Clinic Opening Hours

Opening Hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM 9:00~11:30
PM 2:00~5:00  

Closed: Wednesday afternoon, Sunday, Holidays

▲Our reception is closed at 4pm on Saturdays.

Age Restriction in the Reproduction

We do not accept female patients over 46years old for any reason. Patient must start the initial treatment by 44years and 11months old at lawww. We do not have restriction for male patients.

Procedure for Renewal

Procedure for Renewal of Cryopreserved Embryos, Sperms, Oocytes

It is required to make renewal procedure for extend/dispose of your cryopreservation every year by submitting the form which is given on the day of cryopreservation from 2months before of expiry date. In case of no contact from you, we consider it as your intension of disposal and also be required to submit the form for disposal. Please contact us at your earliest in case of losing the form.

Clinical Kid’s Room

Children are not allowed to access to the treatment floors. If you have difficulty on asking someone to see your child for some reasons while you are visiting us, please call us to make a reservation of clinical kid’s room.

  • Please do not give/take some food or drink in the kid’s room.
  • It is not acceptable in case of fever, cough, nasal mucus, or any infectious diseases.
  • Kid’s room opening hours: 9:00am-12:00pm Monday through Saturday.
  • The kids room is not available for the patients who come over for following appointments: First consultation, oocyte pick up(OPU), embryo transfer, hysterosalpingography(HSG), artificial insemination(AIH), hysteroscopy, salpingography, transluminal expansion, counceling, and seminar.
  • Please read the procedure carefully and call us for reservation, then submit the required forms each times.

Making an appointment

  • Before making your initial appointment with us, please download and fill out the patient’s information forms for both of you.
    femalefemale malemale
  • When you are referred from other medical facility, please confirm the required blood test chart,and take them in advance. You can take them here on your initial appointment if you like.
  • For our online reservation system(in Japanese only) For our online reservation system(in Japanese only)
  • To call for assistance in English

    phone: (+81) 022-791-8851 ext. 4

Access Information